What would you do if you discovered Earth’s oldest secret,
but the very existence of that knowledge meant that you could not safely share it with anyone else?

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The Reviews

"Very cleverly formatted and with mysteries and questions at its core to keep you engaged and the pages turning. I didn’t want to put this book down once I started reading." - LoveReading UK

"... ingredients are here for a sort of Rosemary’s Baby–meets–human evolution–meets–War of the Worlds tale (there’s even an infant) of overwhelming paranoia and female angst. ... a nice paranoid atmosphere prevails." - Kirkus Reviews


Who I Am

Mike, a father, husband, Engineer, Pilot, and Veteran, is the author of "Niobium Node," "Train of Progress," & "Swarm Algorithms." Throughout a career that took him across North America and globally into remote locations, Mike fostered the intersections of Science, Humanity, Productivity, and Social Justice. As a Chemical Engineer and graduate of McGill University, Mike directed and led the construction of several Mega-Projects. From Greenfield projects in Mining Metals & Minerals to Oil & Gas Infrastructure projects, Mike merged the power of technology, commerce, justice, social diversity, and human relationships to successfully complete projects on time and on budget. In 2011 Mike discovered his real strength in his refusal to let a clinical Movement Disorder slow him down. His ongoing battle with PD continued to change his life outlook for the better, and in 2018 Mike decided to devote his valuable time to a more rewarding career in Creative Writing. Mike is a member of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Writers Federation. Mike will ask you to forever challenge the status quo in the quest for true self-awareness.


Our Secret

Where would you turn if you had uncovered something so shocking that it could force the entire world to readdress its views of humanity?

Join the Movement

A science fiction tale like no other.

Where would you turn if you had uncovered something so shocking that it could force the entire world to readdress its views of humanity?

Gada has always asked questions that no one has the answers for. Only through her studies has she met professors and teachers that are open-minded enough to consider her theories about the true history of humanity.

As a high school student, her ideas are dismissed by others as the ramblings of an overactive teenage mind, but when she joins the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), she is suddenly thrust into a world where secret information is the norm. A chance conversation with a theoretical science professor provides Gada with what she sees as proof that her theories about the origins of humanity are not quite as crazy as she has been told.

What if evolution and divine intervention are not opposing theories, but rather two sides of the same coin? What if everything we believed about our Universe was completely wrong? Along with her childhood sweetheart, Mike, Gada is about to embark upon a journey in which she will be forced to risk everything to uncover the truth—not least of all her safety and that of her family.

Inside Niobium Node, you will uncover:

  • The convergence of theories surrounding the origins of humanity and how each theory has merit, but we are just missing the final piece of that puzzle.
  • How one young woman with the right idea can change the course of humanity forever.
  • The truth behind the work of major conglomerates and how even analytical research can be guided by an unseen hand.
  • How free will is not what we think it is and perhaps we have just been puppets all along.
  • The story of Gada’s discovery and her ongoing quest to expose the truth will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew to be true. Are human beings truly independent, or are we just being pulled along in the ultimate plan of an invisible force?
  • A valuable commodity is the secret to the truth behind our humanity, but can this secret be exposed when so many aspects of our world are seemingly being controlled by incomprehensible forces?

Join Gada on her mission to uncover the truth and expose how truly vulnerable the human race is to manipulation. If you thought that money was the ultimate driving force behind big corporates, you could not be more wrong.

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